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User guide

Please follow the instructions to perform the XML customizations file comparison:
  • Double click on the entry named SolutionsComparer from the homepage of the Toolbox for Dynamics CRM. A popup window appears, asking to connect to an organization. Click Yes to continue.
  • Select the connection you wish to connect to. This organization represents the left side of the comparison. The plugin tab is displayed and looks like the following:
  • Select the source solution in the list of solutions. It can be the Default solution if you wish to compare all customizations between two organizations. The list supports sorting by column. The selected solution should be displayed as follow:
  • Select the target organization by clicking on Connect to the target organization. The organization may be the same as the source organization (even if I cannot see the associated use case yet!). The organization endpoint Uri is displayed as follow:
  • Select the target solution in the list of solutions. The selected solution should be displayed as follow:
  • All green! The Compare customizations is now enabled. Click on the Compare customizations button in order to export, unzip, compare the two customizations.xml files and display the result as an HTML webpage in the default browser.
  • You can then save the HTML output at the desired path by clicking on Save HTML output. You can also save an HTML file containing only differences with corresponding lines by clicking on Save diff. only HTML output.

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